Thursday, April 14, 2011

Top 5 songs....

Top 5 Songs I suggest you
5. "Get it right" - Glee Cast
4. "Never Alone" - Barlow Girl
3. Brooke Fraser- "Shadow Feet"
2. Addison Road- "This Little Light of Mine"
1. Francesca Batistelli- "This is the Stuff"

Reasons why
#5 Yes it is a Glee song, but i feel the lyrics are just something we can all relate too in trials and errors, failing and coming from that. Definitely another song that lets you know you are not alone in the trials of life. I have posted the video of this performance from the show on my blog in an early post.
#4 The powerful trio has a number of songs that captivate me. however this song I feel talks about when you feel so alone He is still there and you are never alone. It has a great rock beat so if you are ok with worshiping with a hard rock beat (def not screamo) this is a great hard song.
#3 Her lyrics alone are captivating. It is one of those great worship songs that when you feel the world is against you alone. This song reminds you God is your Rock, He makes all things new. Great song to lift your spirits reminding God is there for you when you are hurt and even when you are not hurting.
Brookes website
#2 This weekend I intend to get deeper into the bible study they have on their webpage but this song is an extraodinary song. It helps open up your heart and give you a deeper meaning of that song you sang in bible school when you were little. God gave us light, he gave us joy. Just remember this song when you wake up in the mornings this spring and summer, and give thanks to God for that Promise the sun will rise everyday (even on cloudy days it rises).
Addison Road Website
Their bible study posted on this song

#1 Francesca has on her Website reason why feels this song is so important and how it relates to life. In the interview she states how it is a list of things we all have come across in life. I feel it is a constant thing we need to remind our selves that we have the option of turning great mistakes, and mishappens into wonderful lessons God has placed in front of us. So whether you want to dwell on what has been placed in front of you or if you choose to seek the reason why God placed this extra-ordinary event into your life, or even small event such as losing your keys. Next time think WHY is this event, I see as awful, happening to me. What is it the purpose of this in my life, God? I highly recommend this song on days you feel like everything is going "wrong" when in fact God placed it there and it is just "right". Don't forget how big you are blessed and praise God.
Francesca's website

Hope you guys enjoyed this and enjoy the suggestions. Please do tell me what you thought about my reviews. :) and give me some of your current fav songs at the moment so i can continue to expand my list :)

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