Friday, April 8, 2011

jupiter drops? I mean house!

I am here at a local coffee shop that I recently read bad reviews on it.
Aside from purchasing an overpriced, over sugary tea smoothie and its over loud environment, it does have free wifi and has a HUGE diversity of people here. I am ok with that. However I am definitely regretting the $4 something I spent on this crap load of sugar that I do not enjoy It was in NO way fresh and wish I spent the $4 on something fresh and delicious to fill the pit in my stomach that is growling. grrrrrrrrr....

I am kind of at a place in my FB idleness of what to do. I definitely have to find new ways to procrastinate. Like my Blog for example. Dragging out research. IF you know of a kick @$$ woman you grew up watching on TV and admire her. Let me know about her. I do not have enough followers to note anything different. I am writing a paper and trying to give many references on women's involvement in TV and the change through the last 60 years.

Dear Denton;
I am beginning to see a huge wide of "hipsters" and mostly the people who think they are hipsters are just struggling meeting the criteria and look like trash. Very similar to the people who do not know how to eat vegan. I would also just like to state people who just do it, really should acknowledge that they have a privilege, an eating privilege. If I could I would eat it. Obviously if you want to be healthy you just have to be careful about it, meaning eat in moderation.

As Dave Matthews said "crash into me" I have a different seeing of this and it means I am extremely tired I could just crash into my "bed" or "couch" which ever is closer to me. I am just curious as to why I am so tired. HA and a friend wants me to go out tonight, I do not see that happening.

I want opinions on how do you feel when you have closed a book, an issue or argument and moved on for well over a month and someone opens or wants to open that can of worms again because they can not move on themselves? Dreading this. All I am going to say. DREADing very much so.

I am going back to procrastinating with something else.

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