Monday, February 14, 2011

v-day....suck it.

I have come to terms and know I am capable to say:
"this day is annoying" 

honestly the best word for valentines day. However I do have a romantic relationship with my homework oh and work. ew. Joy.

I get to serve all these people who are "happy" and pretend that everything is ok today. Or the couple who is only pushed to say "i love you" today when it shouldn't be said at all.

Like I said.
This day is annoying. simply annoying.

Monday, February 7, 2011

jobs, tests, snow!

I have finally returned to school today after a wonderful 4 snow days and a weekend. However I returned with my first exam in my Nutrition class and I've learned if i keep up with the readings and focus on vocabulary I will be ok.
This internet teacher is a serious slacker.
I also now work at a restaurant as a server. Its a small restaurant, corporate, but a very small chain.
Not a lot has been going on. other than sucky tips at work, no shifts, class and quizzes and reading.