Sunday, November 24, 2013

Two years of growth

Lets give this a shot. Well for now an update. 

It is almost two years since my last post in December 2011.

It is November 24, 2013. I am 19 days away from graduation with my bachelors in health sciences. Wow. What a difference two years can make! 

I got engaged on August 10 of this year to my fabulous, loving, and amazing fiance, jj. 

to recap the last two years: 
  • I've had a lot of growth in so many areas of life. My main one being emotional, and learning to trust and open my heart again. 
  • I've learned who I should really keep in my life and those who can be there but not as involved. 
  • I am starting to plan for my future. Family, career, financially, etc. 
  •  I've learned to enjoy what I enjoy, and not to let other dictate what I love and brings me happiness. 
  • I am very much my mother. 
  • I've been on one incredible journey here in north Texas but I am looking forward to the new chapter I am about to start in my life. 
Now to go focus on my PKU blog...