Thursday, April 28, 2011

My heart.

My heart goes to those in Alabama and the other states who have met with devastation.
I just wish we would all stop focusing on the royal wedding and donate, volunteer and do what we can for our Home land devastation.

Oh boy oh boy I am procrastinating so bad. I do not want to go to work. I need to tell my boss I will not be there tomorrow....oops.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I am finally home from corpus christi. The flight was delayed last night and I got in to my apartment about 12:30 AM
I skipped a class and I got to sit at home with my puppy and relax take in my long trip and catch up on Glee today. I need to call Cambrooke and place an order.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

My flight was canceled. And I am now at my parents house for one more night. I really kinda just wanna go home i love my mom and the chance i might get to see my best friend. But I miss my baby bailey (dog) and cat. :(

Monday this time

Another installation of Monday Mingle!

Questions this week!
1. Do you have an iPod or other music source? Name 3 artists from different genres that you currently have on there.
2. What are your plans for Easter?
3. What traditions did you have for Easter when you were a kid?

I am doing a quick BLOG answers this week I am here in South Texas visiting my mom and only have a short time before we have to head to the airport for my flight back to Denton.

1. I have my loyal and expensive Itunes and I would have it any other way.
Audiobook Francis Chan - "crazy love"
Britney Spears- Pop
Addison Road- christian
Miranda Lambert-country
2. I am currently at my parents home spending Easter with them and at home.
3. an Easter egg hunt with my sister, Easter family lunch and church with the family.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


It has been awhile but my neighbor behind me and her man have made an appearance.
At this moment they are doing the deed and i am right next to our shared wall quietly working on homework.
Well now I have to listen to some kind of music.
Got to love apartments (full of complete sarcasm)

Monday, April 18, 2011

North Texas fires

For those of you not in the Texas area North Texas is facing some crazy wild fires and harsh aggressive winds. I just wanted to ask and along side send out my prayers to those families of the parished firefighters, the wounded, and the homes that have been lost. Any my prayers and thoughts are with the thousands of firefighters fighting the blazes. I pray for their strength.

laundry mat...people of laundry?

anyone encounter interesting things while doing laundry?
I can now say that I have.
a woman who talks to herself, a lot...
a older woman wearing see-through tights (nothing over) yikes.
a thug and his daughter

This makes me contemplate what their everyday lives are like...

Monday Mingle.


This Weeks Questions:
1. Did you watch Extreme Couponing? What are your thoughts?
2. What is the sales tax amount in the city/county you live in?
3. Did you finish your taxes yet, or do you wait until the April 15th deadline?
Without further a a due, my monday Mingle:

Comment on my Blog to let me know what your thoughts are on Sin Taxing Sodas and Fast food.
I know someday I rely on Fast food to get food in my body (not so much nourishing food) so I can get to work on projects or something.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Carob Cookies...

I spent the weekend working on a cooking assignment. Recipe modification. Chocolate chip cookies, cake flour instead of all purpose flour and carob chips instead of chocolate chip, and egg replacer instead of real egg. It was a lot of hard work, so props to chefs who can do this so easily and on a whim.
This evening I spent time to do a little research on Airport parking. Reserved my "spot" at the parking spot and I am all set (minus a mountain of laundry) to go home friday.
I miss my parent so much, its been four+ months since I have seen my dad and 3 since I have seen my mom. i am happy to have this airplane ticket, spot reservation, and Easter at home to look forward to this week.
This week I will be praying more giving thanks to God for all the amazing meals he has given me and helped me stay alive. Also challenge for me is to find time to go to the library or sit at the table and actually study Chemistry so I can Ace my last exam and hopefully ACE my final exam. With my awful exam grade, I had a dream she was wrong and corrected my wrongly marked answers giving me an A. I can dream, I can dream.
Church was a great message today. Makes me want to make that dedication to be a Mature Christian.
How was everyone else's weekend? I feel like I speak to nobody but myself since I do not get any responses. Oh well at least I am fully aware of how my good weekend went.

Praise God in the good and bad things in life. They are there for a reason and you should glorify God for his amazing capabilities!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Top 5 songs....

Top 5 Songs I suggest you
5. "Get it right" - Glee Cast
4. "Never Alone" - Barlow Girl
3. Brooke Fraser- "Shadow Feet"
2. Addison Road- "This Little Light of Mine"
1. Francesca Batistelli- "This is the Stuff"

Reasons why
#5 Yes it is a Glee song, but i feel the lyrics are just something we can all relate too in trials and errors, failing and coming from that. Definitely another song that lets you know you are not alone in the trials of life. I have posted the video of this performance from the show on my blog in an early post.
#4 The powerful trio has a number of songs that captivate me. however this song I feel talks about when you feel so alone He is still there and you are never alone. It has a great rock beat so if you are ok with worshiping with a hard rock beat (def not screamo) this is a great hard song.
#3 Her lyrics alone are captivating. It is one of those great worship songs that when you feel the world is against you alone. This song reminds you God is your Rock, He makes all things new. Great song to lift your spirits reminding God is there for you when you are hurt and even when you are not hurting.
Brookes website
#2 This weekend I intend to get deeper into the bible study they have on their webpage but this song is an extraodinary song. It helps open up your heart and give you a deeper meaning of that song you sang in bible school when you were little. God gave us light, he gave us joy. Just remember this song when you wake up in the mornings this spring and summer, and give thanks to God for that Promise the sun will rise everyday (even on cloudy days it rises).
Addison Road Website
Their bible study posted on this song

#1 Francesca has on her Website reason why feels this song is so important and how it relates to life. In the interview she states how it is a list of things we all have come across in life. I feel it is a constant thing we need to remind our selves that we have the option of turning great mistakes, and mishappens into wonderful lessons God has placed in front of us. So whether you want to dwell on what has been placed in front of you or if you choose to seek the reason why God placed this extra-ordinary event into your life, or even small event such as losing your keys. Next time think WHY is this event, I see as awful, happening to me. What is it the purpose of this in my life, God? I highly recommend this song on days you feel like everything is going "wrong" when in fact God placed it there and it is just "right". Don't forget how big you are blessed and praise God.
Francesca's website

Hope you guys enjoyed this and enjoy the suggestions. Please do tell me what you thought about my reviews. :) and give me some of your current fav songs at the moment so i can continue to expand my list :)


Had a unGodly dream last night.
Massive sex dream with Dane Cook? anyone want to or care to interpret?
It was odd.


Aside from that awful night

I am just enjoying my time before I head to work in 45.
My chemistry test did not go so well :( That night was straight awful.

Aside from that my ass is studying everything until the final. HAVE to ace the final to possibly pull a B in that class I have a D and a C if the extra credit is added.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rough N' Tough

Oi, This morning is rough. Up until 1 am ish TRYING to study for two quizzes, and exam today. :(
Not to mention today are my long days. 9:30-2:20 well i am volunteering for Campus Activites Board, I'm in it, also known as CAB and well theSpring Fling(carnival like) is today and i am signed up from 3-7 Woah is me. Tonight I will be going to bed when I get home!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Toddler Mistakenly Served Alcohol at Applebees

Toddler Mistakenly Served Alcohol at Applebees

What the? this is ridiculous, bet that server and bartender was fired

blogging under the stars

I wanted to do something different and enjoy the beautiful night. Not a cloud in the sky, had thunderstorms last night but God knew we needed it and he also graced us with a windy but absolutely BEAUTIFUL afternoon and evening. it is so nice and cool outside only thing is the little buggy mosquitoes are making their procreation known. I thought I would share a photo with you I am currently outside sitting right outside my apartment door, where I would place a chair if I have a "porch". these people who created this apartment complex did not realize that hey maybe the downstairs occupants might enjoy some space. Me and my two downstairs neighbors (only three of us down here) have started to make our outside areas a porch like area. I hope to find a took I can till this little area under neath my window and find pretty flowers that do not require sun. My portion does not get sun. :( BUT HEY I have no complaints and my apartment DOES NOT face the east or west! its awesome.

I currently have spring windmills, mini, outside my area. I just need to come up with a few more things to place out here. I was thinking a silver pale with rocks or dirt, and metal paints flowers or crafty flowers. This is obviously a weekend project or a wait till finals are over project. Ha I just noticed my neighbor has a hand tiller! sweet. I see a project in my future. I did however purchase a $1 pouch from target with wild seeds in it and planted them in the large grassy area we have that isn't moved over by maintenance. I can not wait for those to start growing crazy. I love spring.

Thats all I have for my short update on my day and well my current thoughts.

:) Hope everyone had a wonderful Monday and wish you a well Tuesday tomorrow~!
I am going to go plan my weeks menu and pray it keeps me away from fast food (only when I am in dire need to study and strapped for time do I consume)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

rain storm

yes it is 12:22 am here in Denton TEXAS and I am currently wide awake to enjoy but also be frightened by this large thunderstorm that has thunder and lightening going crazy.

I think since I can not sleep aside from updating the layout, i will turn out my lights and cuddle with my baby (bailey, dog child) and angry child (fat angry cat) and enjoy this and pray no tornados develop from this..

I am not used to having tornado seasons just hurricane seasons. I do not think i could gather my cat and dog put them in the tub AND fit my mattress over us. yeah i do not see that happening.
Looks like I should prepare a weather kit soon, weekend project. yay.

monday mingle, Great giveaways!

Monday Mingle. enjoy a day early...

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

photobooth :)

Looks like I will be driving myself to and from the airport when I fly home for Easter. :-\
counting! 13 days until I see my wonderful mom and dad and beautiful Corpus and its water!
This is my prayer in the harvest When favor and providence flow. I know I'm filled to be emptied again. The seed I've received I will sow.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Are you God's light in the world.

I heard this song on the radio and immediately fell in love with it and its meaning. I wanted to share it with you guys. I also found on the bands webpage (highly recommend checking it out) a bible study to the song as well as the story behind it, I hope to acquire the Dr. Seuss book to kinda help understand the meaning, and have that as a small poem to remind me. One more discovery before I go an amazing Christian Music webpage. 
Here is the bible study posted on their webpage: Addison Road

Matthew 5:14-16

“You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”

In the middle of winter, everything looks dark and dreary. The morning comes, your alarm ringing, and all you want to do is switch it off to stay nice and warm inside your bed, asleep all day. The days are shorter, the skies duller, and with these changes, we feel a change within ourselves. The signs outside tell us we don’t have much hope for a beautiful day. On the other hand, when we wake up on a warm summer morning, we feel energized. We can’t wait to go outside and play, to live and laugh and love. The difference between these two days is rather simple: it’s the light.

When we look at the world as a whole, we see a lot of darkness. Even watching the news at night shows us all the bad things happening around us. We have many reasons to fear and feel despair. Just as a lack of light drowns us in winter months, the darkness of the world discourages us. We are all searching for something to allow us to believe in a better tomorrow.

Fortunately, as Christians we do have something to believe in. Christ is the bearer of hope. He brings us a reason to live, an optimistic outlook. We are all given the light of Christ. He dwells within each of us, burning inside bright. “There’s a fire inside you burning with hope.”

It’s great to have the light within us, but just as Matthew 5:15 says, we don’t “light a lamp and put it under a bowl”. We are called to share our light with the rest of the world. For when light comes into the room, it casts out all shadows and darkness. We can bring light into this dark world and be a shining example of God’s love. When we do this, we can make the bitter winter a beautiful summer. “Some shine bright, some shine small.” Which one do you want to be?

jupiter drops? I mean house!

I am here at a local coffee shop that I recently read bad reviews on it.
Aside from purchasing an overpriced, over sugary tea smoothie and its over loud environment, it does have free wifi and has a HUGE diversity of people here. I am ok with that. However I am definitely regretting the $4 something I spent on this crap load of sugar that I do not enjoy It was in NO way fresh and wish I spent the $4 on something fresh and delicious to fill the pit in my stomach that is growling. grrrrrrrrr....

I am kind of at a place in my FB idleness of what to do. I definitely have to find new ways to procrastinate. Like my Blog for example. Dragging out research. IF you know of a kick @$$ woman you grew up watching on TV and admire her. Let me know about her. I do not have enough followers to note anything different. I am writing a paper and trying to give many references on women's involvement in TV and the change through the last 60 years.

Dear Denton;
I am beginning to see a huge wide of "hipsters" and mostly the people who think they are hipsters are just struggling meeting the criteria and look like trash. Very similar to the people who do not know how to eat vegan. I would also just like to state people who just do it, really should acknowledge that they have a privilege, an eating privilege. If I could I would eat it. Obviously if you want to be healthy you just have to be careful about it, meaning eat in moderation.

As Dave Matthews said "crash into me" I have a different seeing of this and it means I am extremely tired I could just crash into my "bed" or "couch" which ever is closer to me. I am just curious as to why I am so tired. HA and a friend wants me to go out tonight, I do not see that happening.

I want opinions on how do you feel when you have closed a book, an issue or argument and moved on for well over a month and someone opens or wants to open that can of worms again because they can not move on themselves? Dreading this. All I am going to say. DREADing very much so.

I am going back to procrastinating with something else.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

almost lasted a week. FB Challenge.

New hair cut.

The facebook login project has briefly ended. I had to login tonight to send a quick message to 5 sisters (one particular) I live near but do not have their phone #s! boo!
Anyways i was only for maybe 5 minutes tops, I didn't browse got things done and logged off. So I would say I am still pretty successful.
I would highly suggest everyone try to not log on to facebook for approx. 48 Hours. You will really begin to realize how much it consumes your life and how many hours you waste on facebook wrapped in others people lives instead of living your own.
I have rediscovered Pandora, gotten homework done! and this weekend I will be writing a paper and doing research as well as some other homework.
I am also planning on returning to church. Its been about 2-3 weeks partially because I've been out of town on Sundays or really needing some severe studying or recovery.
I have started a new music list.
"I'd rather be with you"- Josh radin
A song I recommend. Thank you Pandora. Anyways I really need to pray and hope this melatonin kicks in very soon because I have to get up and not attend lab but taken a computer exam to test out of a class. Hope I do well and do not have to re-take this test. I would prefer NOT to pay for a class that teaches me seriously what I know!

Night everyone. Again I challenge you 48 hours away from social networking and Facebook mostly.

<3 xoxo, ciao.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


*disclaimer* I really really just wanted to blog and possibly procrastinate. My observations may be too much.

I do not think I have been to a hastings in a long time, years for sure. I am here at the cafe enjoying a chamomile lemon tea. Kinda excited, it needs to cool off. I am very happy to have a computer that is not ridiculously bulky and a bitch to take to class.
Here at the cafe there is this guy who screams "im a frat douche" wearing tinted aviators. His girl he brought is wearing some massively thick eyeliner and nothing else, well clothes, we all hope. lol. He also not to mention smells the aroma of weed. My turn to finally say "keep it independent (?) Denton??" So I look to my left and he has removed the shades to squint and read the drink menu and what do you know he looks about early 40s. What a shocker. And a tshirt that say "tell your gf to stop texting me"

Anyways. I am enjoying living here in Denton. Completely independent and liberal area. By liberal I do not mean the political liberal. Everyone here I know is open minded and everyone I come across embraces the arts in the town and local gatherings. Aside from missing the beach I have come around to enjoying the dry weather here, until I get shocked. I do miss the beach a lot and my parents a whole bunch.
I just feel in myself I have reached a different level of independence in my life. Never did I think I could live on my own and I enjoy every minute of it. I am sure my neighbors wonder why I randomly am shouting, but its usually out of happiness for my dog. lol. I am weird. I do have my quirkiness. I wouldn't be me without it. Now what guy can stand this and thinks i am adorable and perfect can come into my life, any moment?

I am hanging out with a friend (so far) I met last Thursday from a good friend of my from HS. I am glad she lives here and we can hang out. He and I agreed to hang out when we were free at about the same time, that came to about 6 o'clock tomorrow and just a like small hangout nothing fancy yet. Get to know each other than screaming at the bar lol. I learned my lesson with the last guy I met and went on a date with. I am keeping my distance. lol. One day I'll run into him and it will be beyond awkward. An awkward meeting to look forward too! Anyways keeping this tomorrow calm and cool. but excited to hang out. If nothing comes from this a friendship will.

I am still on the hunt for a home church here. It is hard when some churches are so comfortable where they are they can tend to be unintentionally unwelcoming. Just makes it that much harder for me to show any effort towards joining them. Need to establish my home soon, Until then I am praying hard for that to show soon.

For now I have approx. 55 minutes until my hair appointment I am going to go study some more for my exam in food prep. Long day in school tomorrow. :-\ long day, period.

Leave me questions I would be more than happy to fill them out.

Edit: I do have to add some guy just brought a gay man magazine and put it in his friends magazine while he had to get up and walk away for a while. Which brings me to this:
Did any pull any good pranks on you this april fools? I didn't see any or hear about any OR have any pulled on me. I got lucky


Chilis Giveaway

Head over to Eighty MPH Mom where you can win a $20 Chili’s Gift Card!

I really want chilis now!
Kicked up firey queso, with their mmmm chips
the delicious
jalapeno cheese fries...ooooo
and a molten chocolate lava cake.....

if only i had the money


definately posting on my new amazing macbook air :)
going on day 2 without facebook!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

the dating post...

In lieu to that dating post last Tuesday. This guy I went on a date with, had a great time with, ended up never calling back after the date (even texting). There are firsts for everything....

Oh well I cut my loss and I'm moving on to the next LOL JK.
I think tomorrow If i have time in the evening, I will post a vlog even thought I am opting out of monday mingle this week since it's questions are about kids.

Maybe I'll start a daily vlog for a week about my FB hiatus and how is it going with out facebook...little portions right? cut yourself off slowly right? lol.