Tuesday, April 5, 2011


*disclaimer* I really really just wanted to blog and possibly procrastinate. My observations may be too much.

I do not think I have been to a hastings in a long time, years for sure. I am here at the cafe enjoying a chamomile lemon tea. Kinda excited, it needs to cool off. I am very happy to have a computer that is not ridiculously bulky and a bitch to take to class.
Here at the cafe there is this guy who screams "im a frat douche" wearing tinted aviators. His girl he brought is wearing some massively thick eyeliner and nothing else, well clothes, we all hope. lol. He also not to mention smells the aroma of weed. My turn to finally say "keep it independent (?) Denton??" So I look to my left and he has removed the shades to squint and read the drink menu and what do you know he looks about early 40s. What a shocker. And a tshirt that say "tell your gf to stop texting me"

Anyways. I am enjoying living here in Denton. Completely independent and liberal area. By liberal I do not mean the political liberal. Everyone here I know is open minded and everyone I come across embraces the arts in the town and local gatherings. Aside from missing the beach I have come around to enjoying the dry weather here, until I get shocked. I do miss the beach a lot and my parents a whole bunch.
I just feel in myself I have reached a different level of independence in my life. Never did I think I could live on my own and I enjoy every minute of it. I am sure my neighbors wonder why I randomly am shouting, but its usually out of happiness for my dog. lol. I am weird. I do have my quirkiness. I wouldn't be me without it. Now what guy can stand this and thinks i am adorable and perfect can come into my life, any moment?

I am hanging out with a friend (so far) I met last Thursday from a good friend of my from HS. I am glad she lives here and we can hang out. He and I agreed to hang out when we were free at about the same time, that came to about 6 o'clock tomorrow and just a like small hangout nothing fancy yet. Get to know each other than screaming at the bar lol. I learned my lesson with the last guy I met and went on a date with. I am keeping my distance. lol. One day I'll run into him and it will be beyond awkward. An awkward meeting to look forward too! Anyways keeping this tomorrow calm and cool. but excited to hang out. If nothing comes from this a friendship will.

I am still on the hunt for a home church here. It is hard when some churches are so comfortable where they are they can tend to be unintentionally unwelcoming. Just makes it that much harder for me to show any effort towards joining them. Need to establish my home soon, Until then I am praying hard for that to show soon.

For now I have approx. 55 minutes until my hair appointment I am going to go study some more for my exam in food prep. Long day in school tomorrow. :-\ long day, period.

Leave me questions I would be more than happy to fill them out.

Edit: I do have to add some guy just brought a gay man magazine and put it in his friends magazine while he had to get up and walk away for a while. Which brings me to this:
Did any pull any good pranks on you this april fools? I didn't see any or hear about any OR have any pulled on me. I got lucky


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