Monday, April 11, 2011

blogging under the stars

I wanted to do something different and enjoy the beautiful night. Not a cloud in the sky, had thunderstorms last night but God knew we needed it and he also graced us with a windy but absolutely BEAUTIFUL afternoon and evening. it is so nice and cool outside only thing is the little buggy mosquitoes are making their procreation known. I thought I would share a photo with you I am currently outside sitting right outside my apartment door, where I would place a chair if I have a "porch". these people who created this apartment complex did not realize that hey maybe the downstairs occupants might enjoy some space. Me and my two downstairs neighbors (only three of us down here) have started to make our outside areas a porch like area. I hope to find a took I can till this little area under neath my window and find pretty flowers that do not require sun. My portion does not get sun. :( BUT HEY I have no complaints and my apartment DOES NOT face the east or west! its awesome.

I currently have spring windmills, mini, outside my area. I just need to come up with a few more things to place out here. I was thinking a silver pale with rocks or dirt, and metal paints flowers or crafty flowers. This is obviously a weekend project or a wait till finals are over project. Ha I just noticed my neighbor has a hand tiller! sweet. I see a project in my future. I did however purchase a $1 pouch from target with wild seeds in it and planted them in the large grassy area we have that isn't moved over by maintenance. I can not wait for those to start growing crazy. I love spring.

Thats all I have for my short update on my day and well my current thoughts.

:) Hope everyone had a wonderful Monday and wish you a well Tuesday tomorrow~!
I am going to go plan my weeks menu and pray it keeps me away from fast food (only when I am in dire need to study and strapped for time do I consume)

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