Thursday, April 7, 2011

almost lasted a week. FB Challenge.

New hair cut.

The facebook login project has briefly ended. I had to login tonight to send a quick message to 5 sisters (one particular) I live near but do not have their phone #s! boo!
Anyways i was only for maybe 5 minutes tops, I didn't browse got things done and logged off. So I would say I am still pretty successful.
I would highly suggest everyone try to not log on to facebook for approx. 48 Hours. You will really begin to realize how much it consumes your life and how many hours you waste on facebook wrapped in others people lives instead of living your own.
I have rediscovered Pandora, gotten homework done! and this weekend I will be writing a paper and doing research as well as some other homework.
I am also planning on returning to church. Its been about 2-3 weeks partially because I've been out of town on Sundays or really needing some severe studying or recovery.
I have started a new music list.
"I'd rather be with you"- Josh radin
A song I recommend. Thank you Pandora. Anyways I really need to pray and hope this melatonin kicks in very soon because I have to get up and not attend lab but taken a computer exam to test out of a class. Hope I do well and do not have to re-take this test. I would prefer NOT to pay for a class that teaches me seriously what I know!

Night everyone. Again I challenge you 48 hours away from social networking and Facebook mostly.

<3 xoxo, ciao.

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