Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Mingle.


This Weeks Questions:
1. Did you watch Extreme Couponing? What are your thoughts?
2. What is the sales tax amount in the city/county you live in?
3. Did you finish your taxes yet, or do you wait until the April 15th deadline?
Without further a a due, my monday Mingle:

Comment on my Blog to let me know what your thoughts are on Sin Taxing Sodas and Fast food.
I know someday I rely on Fast food to get food in my body (not so much nourishing food) so I can get to work on projects or something.


  1. Exactly... the savings, sure - that's great. But will they use it before the quality is compromised?
    We usually do ours right away too, but this year we didn't have a choice in the matter.
    Have a great week!

  2. A Sin Tax on soda and fast food...that is terrible! I drink Diet DP everyday! But, you know I don't know if a Sin Tax would change my eating habits or make me drink less soda, because like most things if I really want it, I pay for it and I think that's how a lot of Americans are.

    Extreme couponing is crazy and I'm with you, I don't have the room for all that stuff! I think couponing is good in moderation, but those ppl are really pushing the envelope!

    Have a fabulous Monday!

  3. hahaha. I agree in some cases where I need my fast-food fix to get homework or studying done I would pay the extra tax so it wouldn't stop me.

  4. I agree... who needs so much deodorant and if they do I feel bad for them! I think it is great if people use what they need and donate to those in need! What a great way to help people out.
    Like that you want to trade in your car for a horse:)