Sunday, March 27, 2011

laundry sunday!

An Update.
Well I really enjoyed Monday Mingle last week and will be doing this weeks monday mingle. However I would do it right now but I am at the laundry mat doing my laundry and it is pretty loud. and there are about six kids running around.
I have been able to catch up on my sleep this weekend. I've also been out on two dates. More to come on details of that. Needless to say I enjoy his company and he makes me laugh. So Yes, get excited for those details.
I have a bunch of homework to do today and I am praying I am able to do so and attend church tonight.
I have 4 weeks until I go home! YAY. I am very much looking forward to my trip home to see my sis.daught & mom and hopefully my dad will not be working. I miss my mom and dad a lot. Bailey will have to stay here, too expensive for him to fly with me for like a day and a half. Anyways with all that said: I am so happy I see home in my near future!

Today I will be emailing my TA for chem. To see what her tutoring rates are. With the help of my mom, we will be shoveling out the $$ for a private tutor so I can pass this chem and hold hope for the future chem classes. Fingers cross and pray for me. NOT to mention I have dates this week with the student tutoring center.

Today the weather is gloomy which has set the mood for me today. Its a non stop mist. I am thankful because we need it, I'm tired of smelling grass fires on my walk to school. I would love a good thunder storm though. Heres to hoping the weather man is right for tuesday. Double bonus it is my day off from school. I would be able to enjoy it.
Next week is a busy week at work for me. I am not going to lie when I say I am very excited! I love my job. Incase you don't know what I do. I work on campus in the media communications office making YouTube videos for the Texas Womans University webpage. Just, you know a hobby of mine and I happen to get paid for it. Not a lot but enough for a hair cut once I get paid! Anyways next week the performaning arts school is putting on this arts walk and my boss, another student editor and i get to record it and I will be putting the video together. its a big project for us.
Well as much as I want to just stay on here and blog with you wonderful followers of mine. I need to get started on two extra credit papers (one on legally blonde another on Merriels wedding) and two reading journals. :) yes I get to watch movies and write a page paper for extra credit how awesome!
A Monday Mingle will be here soon!! Enjoy your sunday hope the weather is better for you than it is me and have a fantastic Monday.

Here is your philosophy for the day:

"Fries are fries" - Crue Baker.

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