Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring is here

I am praying that we have seen the last of winter here in North Texas. And that spring break officially starts  this Friday after food lab is just another reason I can believe the weather will be beautiful for a little bit. I can not wait to put on my shorts and get my legs and skin some color! And possibly be blonde again.

Anyone know how to upload photos from an iphone onto blogger?? I want to be able to make this blogger an ease of access so I post more often rather than sitting at my oh so beautiful imac and blog when I am procrastinating from school work.

I have been extremely tired this week. taking naps...WTF?!? I rarely RARELY take naps but this week i feel its become a kinda ongoing theme, aside from headaches. I am afraid I was just drained of all energy last Friday when I visited and took a wonderful tour thanks to two sisters of mine of Fry St. and what 25 cent well can do to an empty stomach :( no bueno.

Since next week is spring break is here sad to say but my spring break is dedicated to Pioneer Pace 5k training, and school. Yes you read right, school. I have a week and some change to study for Exam #2 in Organic Chemistry, writing reading journals, start research on a term paper, watch extra credit movies for Womans studies, Catch up and study Food Prep & lab, and do some massive damage to my Nutrition book and create many vocab cards...Needless to say, my spring break is a beautiful relationship for school and I. I HAVE to ace all my next tests and finals in order to pull this semester off. HAVE TOO. no if, ands, or buts. I must say hello ADHD meds we meet again. I  hope I can shake all this tiredness off this weekend.

This weekend I am happy to say I am getting back into my favorite hobby of all times, photography. I am shooting a session for senior portraits all over town for a friend of mine. I can not believe she is graduating high school!! I love her. We have plans to check out all of what Dallas has to offer. I am quite excited.

All in all I have to say Denton is beginning to be nice to me. However only downside is, I feel like my neighbors live with me...I hear them so well through these thin walls. Girl behind me hasn';t had her man over in a while, but has taken up guitar and singing. Upstairs I haven't seen her but her addiction with online shopping only continues though she is never home to accept any of the packages and my next door neighbor, seems to be cleaning her place out, but her apartment has been turned inside out, and by that I mean all her stuff is outside...For now, I would like to bid you all a great night.

For now, Spring wishes and girl scout cookie dreams.
<3 out.

*EDIT* forgot to mention I started chatting with my neighbor in Woman studies turns out, she is also 25 (im almost) and is divorced and we are both getting our lives together and enjoying our single status! crazy. Reminds me I am not the only one in my shoes and it comes in a common size, like my real feet.

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