Sunday, January 16, 2011


Today God weighed hard on me and I definitely had him speak to me today and release a hard issue I've had on my heart for oh about a year now.
Today I forgave my ex husband for cheating on me. I can't probably also thank the fact I am a positive person and try to lean more on the upside of things. The pastor was going deeper into unanswered prayers and how we have things we just don't expect, its a mercy to us. Well I felt it in my heart. John's affair was God's path for me, like an unanswered prayer.
I know many times in El Paso I prayed to God to help me show me what his path was for me. His affair- There for an answered prayer in disguise. If he hadn't strayed and turned into the awful two-faced creature I thought he was, I would not be here living on my own, in Denton about to start school with all determination in my human being and soul to finish. I wouldn't know who I am and know down in my heart I am meant for more than just my MRS. degree.
With this in the open if John had not strayed from our lifelong commitment I would not be strong as I am today, I would be miserable and in a place holding me from all my future potential he has in store for me.
I am no doubt following God's plan for me. I left John stopped following the army's path for him and I am now on my own path God has created for me.

Things I am now to my answered prayer:
Focused on his plan

I also know over time I will learn more about myself to add to this list, as opposed to stuff I wouldn't know if it wasn't God's plan for me.

So with this realization of, God does have bigger plans for me, I want to take this blog of written words of my life to thank my ex-husband for being unfaithful to me.
I know now that I am meant for bigger and better things. I have the strength to be on my own. I have faith that is as big as God's love and I am not frowned about for having a faith as big as my heart. I know who Andrea is. Thank you for cheating on me, I have no desire to find out why you did what you did, I know the answer to that is it was God's plan for you & me. I wouldn't call our marriage a mistake, it got me here, on my RIGHT path. There for I will never expect you to apologize for cheating on me, it was intentional whichever way you look at it. Just know if for some chance you EVER see this blog, know I do forgive you. What you did can't be forgotten but know I wish him and his new wife and child(ren) the best God has for them. He in a way gave me a big gift and I can't thank him enough for it. He gave me, my life with the Father and my path back.

God put me here to do big things and I thank my Ex-husband for giving me the chance and opportunity to find myself again.

A friend pointed out to me that some women would despise their ex for all that happened and never forgive. Never  ever seeing it was just God answering their prayers and sending them back to their paths he had planned for them.

THAT is how my day has gone so far.
<3 Tater out.

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