Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Denton LOVE!

I have finally made it to Denton, TX. It was a long drive but with my moms help we made it here! and we have successfully managed to empty everything into my 450 sq ft apartment. 

I came to the apartment greeted by my best friend who had given my a tour of the apartment the night before via skype. I thank technology and the apple iphone inventor! I really dislike that moving really shows how much crap you have. Boo! 



So I am officially settled  in. I just had my first night in my own place. I can’t believe I am here. Time I had left in corpus just flew right by me and now I am here on my own in Denton. 

Things to do today: 

Craigslist job hunt
Respond to potential job interviews
Shower/prepare for the COLD day
Make lunch (yummy vegetable chili) 
Job application hunt  near home
Return shelves from Target 
knock out walmart list
visit dollar tree (tackle that list) 
come home
love on bailey & nibs
and hopefully watch more veronica mars

Kinda how my next few days will go. I have a potential job on campus but my interview has been moved to NEXT friday. The interview is working with iMovie 9. Giving me plenty of time to make a few more videos and work on other videos and practice editing. So I can nail the job. 

I hope soon to put up photos of this swaggin place i got here. But for now time to tackle CL and find myself a JOB! 

Hope everyone is staying warm. To all my corpus family and friends I send you all my love and best wishes I miss you all. 

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